Internal medicine physician Doctor Kayode Sotonwa reveals essential information about how doctors can spot the signs of blocked arteries to help prevent strokes.

how to prevent strokes with Dr. Sotonwa advice

Strokes, when not identified, prevented, or treated quickly, can cause long term damage to a patient, and that is why Doctor Kayode Sotonwa believes it is essential for individuals to be educated about the dangers of having a stroke. He also believes that it is important for everyone to be educated on how strokes can be discovered early and treated to prevent them from happening or from causing long term damage. To educate anyone who may fall victim to a stroke, he shares information on what doctors can do to help identify the signs of a stroke before the stroke ever happens.

Cholesterol in the arteries causing blockages is what causes the majority of strokes. Basically, this build up can constrict the artery which leads to stroke. When this happens in a major artery, it can be easier to identify, as in these major arteries the blockage may cause a whistling sound that can be identified with the use of a stethoscope by an expert like Doctor Kayode Sotonwa. If the whistling sound, also known as a bruit, is found through the use of the stethoscope, a doctor may then call for the use of an ultrasound to further examine the artery for the existence of a blockage. This is a procedure that is non-invasive and can help identify how bad the blockage is. Doctor Kayode Sotonwa reminds those who have had this procedure done but who do not yet know the results of the ultrasound should be careful to not have the area, such as the neck, massaged or manipulated as it can move the built up plaque and trigger a stroke. After the ultrasound, a doctor can determine the next steps that need to be taken to deal with the buildup and prevent the stroke from occurring and causing long term damage. Finally, Doctor Kayode Sotonwa reminds individuals that the best chances of avoiding a stroke come with regular doctor visits and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Doctor Kayode Sotonwa has spent 25 years in the field of internal medicine, traveling all over the world to practice, learn, and teach others about the importance of medicine. He is an innovative medical mind and even today devotes his free time to learning about the newest developments in medicine and inspiring new generations of medical professionals to explore how they can change the world of medicine for the better.

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