easy health tips

Follow these tips from Dr. Sotonwa and start a healthy lifestyle

Dr. Kayode Sotonwa is one of the top medical experts in his field, and hopes to provide patients from all around the globe with helpful advice that will help them be their healthiest. One of the most common reasons people claim to avoid a strict diet or exercise regimen is time. Many people have quite a lot on their plate, including family and work responsibilities. But these easy tips from Dr. Kayode Sotonwa will leave room for no excuses, since there are all things that are simple to give a try. Try them out today in order to see start making healthy changes to your lifestyle.

  1. Adding iron to your diet is easier than it seems and also very necessary, because it adds a lot of energy that will give you a boost during the day. Plus this is necessary nutrient to the body, which makes it something that you will want to find ways to add in during snacks or meals. Things like oatmeal, red meat, seafood, beans and dark, leafy green vegetables are great choices.
  2. Although busy throughout the day at work, school or whatever responsibilities life might throw your way, Dr. Kayode Sotonwa shares it’s important to take a break. Be sure to set aside time to eat your meals, no matter how stressed or busy you are. This will help you slow down, relax and also helps you listen to your body to know when you are full.
  3. It does seem that grabbing lunch at a restaurant or running through the drive-thru is a quick-fix when it comes to food solutions. But taking the time to prepare lunch before you leave for work in the morning or even the night before will both save you calories, weight gain and plenty of money in the long run. Try something easy like homemade veggie wraps, a delicious soup saved in Tupperware, or perhaps a fresh salad.

Dr. Kayode Sotonwa knows anyone can use helpful advice when it comes to being their most healthy. It’s important to share ideas with others in order to promote living the best life possible, so remember to invite a friend to try these out too. You might just change their life.

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