Doctor Kayode Sotonwa is an Internal medicine physician. His experience in the field has been built not just through his education but through his career as both a practicing doctor and a teacher all over the world. Doctor Kayode Sotonwa graduated from the College of Medicine at the University of Lagos, Nigeria in 1989, and from there began a career that has spanned over 25 years and has taken him to a number of different international locations as well. After studying in Nigeria, he relocated to the West Indies and then the United Kingdom to widen his education and experience, before finally settling down in the United States where here has been board certified since 2003.

Doctor Kayode Sotonwa has appreciated his ability to travel and practice medicine around these very distinct areas of the world. For him, the experience of practicing and researching medicine in these different places has not only given him the opportunity to add to his professional knowledge, but it also allowed him to explore how medicine is practiced in these varied countries. He also believes that this experience has allowed him to gain a better understanding about how cultural differences are influencing prominent medical problems in each of these areas. These experiences established a belief in Doctor Kayode Sotonwa that these areas need the support of ongoing research. In fact, he firmly believes that study and research based new medical practices are the way of the future and the best way to fix prominent medical problems throughout the world.

Because Doctor Kayode Sotonwa was able to take his medical career throughout the world, he has also been able to work with a number of different patients all over the world, an experience that has influenced him in his careers as both a doctor and a teacher. It has also allowed him to understand people from a variety of different cultures. For Doctor Sotonwa, these experiences have been vital to his personal growth as well as the progression of his career and they will continue to influence him and the changes that he hopes to make to the world of medicine.

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